Coming into


While she is opening the door, a sound begins grewing. Naturally, she knows perfectly well what it is.

First of all, after coming into the house, she throws the key on her soft sofa and then, although the lights are off, she walks with confidence, because she’s used to doing it. After at least seven steps, she gets there immediately she stops in front of it, and she stretches her arm to pull the door. Suddenly a cold ray of light paints her face in white. The more she repeats this freezing experience, the more she enjoys it. Her fridge is her mind and body temple. While the ice is melting because of the temperature contrast, she seems to be thinking, for instance, about the dying polar bears in the melting North Pole, or about the emptiness of her fridge, or moreover she seems to enjoy the black noise of her fridge while the white cold is coming into, into her nose.


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